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Roseann Higgins, your executive-style head hunter for love for especially selective professionals since 1994

SPIES:  Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective™

As the industry leader in matchmaking results, SPIES introduces successful, “off the grid” single professional men and women seeking someone who meets their high expectations. Our exclusive clientele and matches are typically referrals or recruited by receive personal invitation to be within our network.

We make meeting the right one look easy. Even though we know it’s not.

The problem with dating today: We used to meet people through friends or family where we had others to vouch for their character or we at least understood their backgrounds and values. With online dating and social media, we are exposed to thousands of people but not that social background to get a clear picture of who that person actually is. Searching through dating sites requires time, and in a lot of cases, no matter how robust their profile, you still aren’t getting accurate information.

We take out the guesswork with our thorough search and vetting process to ensure you are getting exactly who you desire.

“Roseann Higgins is the best connected woman I know! She is a rock star matchmaker – she goes to all the right events to recruit the most eligible single men and women. I see her out getting names and numbers of girls and guys anyone would be lucky to date.”

— Robert Van Arlen

International Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Emcee and Author

If you think about it, a person can really only have 2-3 great loves in a lifetime. If you’re lucky.

It can be even more difficult to find your soul mate out of the 7 billion+ people in the world. Roseann works 24/7 to find you love through her extensive network, recruiting and razor sharp intuition.

SPIES is a complete concierge for love, saving you:


Finding love can take a lot of searching. Chances are, the women you want to meet are not where you are. Instead of searching in a million places, or spending hours online sifting through women – we bring potential loves to you.


Get clear between who you have thought may be a good match and who really is. You don’t have to wonder about deal-breakers down the line because you know all the important things ahead of time.


Yes, we hate to say it, but it’s true. Failed relationships cost a lot of money. Not to mention heartache, and impact on your business or career performance. Our matched couples stay together, and that is priceless.

Unsurpassed Experience Yields Extraordinary Results  

Private Access

Have exclusive access to our exclusive network of attractive and successful individuals.


Because we do all of the research and give our matches a solid foundation, your first dates are equivalent to months or years of dating in an average situation. Our clients find love typically within the first 3 introductions. We do not present any matches that “may be good” – only absolutes.

Personalized Service

From interview to relationship, you have full one-on-one access to Roseann – the process is tailored to you like a fine suit! When you work with Roseann, she becomes not only your matchmaker, but also a trusted advisor in love and relationships.

"A" List Women

SPIES has recruited an extensive “A” List of off-the-grid single women every single man wants to date, with a keen eye towards beauty inside and out, values and emotional well-being.

Exclusive Database

Roseann’s mental Rolodex and exclusive hand-picked database enable her to provide near perfect matches efficiently. Over 15,000 of the most eligible and selective men and women have been vetted to date SPIES high-end matchmaking service clientele. They live in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding communities, southern California and across the US.


If you can’t trust someone with Top Security Clearance in the US Navy, whom can you trust?

Attraction on all levels

Emotional and physical attraction are essential. Multiple full-length lifestyle photos and valuable personal insights are provided to give our clients a sense of the real person.

Lasting Relationships

Our marriage success rate is 96%. We create relationships that last. Period.

Private, Exclusive Events

As a client, you can attend invitation-only charity events hosted by Roseann. She is ever vigilant for the right people to add to SPIES A-List of single men and women to introduce to her super eligible clientele. Guests are vetted personally by Roseann and her referral team.

We are the original Executive Search Headhunters for Love.

Our process enables us to hone in on your preferences, personality and relationship lifestyle unlike none other.
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Ready to find the love of your life?

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SPIES: Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective™

The industry leader in matchmaking results, SPIES introduces successful, “off the grid” single professional men and women seeking someone who meets their high expectations.