Phoenix, Arizona Matchmaker Roseann Higgins of SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective Success Story: A very eligible single CEO and great dad who loves fast cars, plays the guitar, works out and is super in shape hired matchmaker Roseann Higgins of SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective to find one-in-a-million. He wanted a girl who is beautiful from the inside out. I have fallen in love and here’s my story.

“One night, I met Roseann Higgins of Especially Selective (formally known as SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective) Matchmaking Services at a private party in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I was immediately attracted to her genuineness and openness to know me. Not to mention that she is a stunningly, beautiful woman herself! In my mid-30s, I was newly divorced and had moved to the desert from the Midwest. In my quest to experience new things, I attended Scottsdale’s premier events, social mixers and canvassed the night life with my girlfriends.

During our conversation, I mentioned that her matchmaking service to connect successful, quality, attractive people is an inspiring and worthwhile concept. I am very particular of whom I meet. I feel I’ve earned it. Being a former model that attended graduate school and paid my career dues, I want to surround myself with others who value personal discipline and dedication.

I was ready to embark upon a loving, powerful partnership with someone special. There was just one issue. Being a career woman that focuses my heart and soul into an aggressive work schedule makes it almost impossible to think about how to meet quality men until it’s Friday night and oops … too late!

I had excitement and confidence reaching out to Roseann, knowing that she would guide me based on my values and interests. She is refreshing to speak with and has a way of making you feel important during this personal journey. This year I have pursued one date based on her recommendation. Prior to agreeing to the date, it was necessary to see photos of Mr. Prospect, as I believe chemistry is important for both parties. He is exactly as she described and the photos were on target. Yes, he is handsome and my first date was a blast.”

She wrote this when they had been dating four months. They got married! Her husband is always happy when I see him. She really is adorable. When I had dinner with the two of them at the trendy St. Francis restaurant in Phoenix, he touched my heart when he told me how grateful he was for this new life. He looked at his wife and caressed her and said with love, “Roseann, I never knew marriage could be this amazing.”

His wife wanted to highly recommend our Especially Selective matchmaking services to anyone thinking of hiring a matchmaker so others might find love and meet someone as precious as her man…

“It’s nice to have confidence knowing the preliminary factors that come into play when meeting someone special are definitely filtered and fine combed by an expert. If you are at a stage in your life where you are looking for someone to complement an already happy life then you will find success, excitement and contentment in Roseann’s dating world. After all, she’s been calling the love shots in the valley for nearly two decades. I am a fan of SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective’s Matchmaking Service. Roseann Higgins has added joy and introduced me to the man of my dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to have such personal dedication for your love life in her hands??!”