Dear Roseann,

Thank you for changing my life! The efforts of you and your staff have allowed me to achieve balance in my life and begin having fun again. You have introduced me to a woman who is the culmination of many of the features and characteristics I’ve always been attracted to. It’s as if someone has been keeping track throughout my life of everything I’ve been attracted to and put them together into one beautiful woman.

The process we went through was definitely the most efficient and fun method of achieving what we did. Instead of being physically attracted to a woman first, and then finding out her qualities afterward, your process allowed me to know her qualities first, and then see what she looked like.

Roseann, you spent all the time necessary with me to extract the qualities I was looking for as well as the qualities I possess. I then felt comfortable that I had a friend I could trust moving forward. The number of candidates you presented to me was amazing. It was a lot of fun narrowing down the number of candidates into one that I would like to meet. You identified that we had similar qualities which would help form a solid foundation upon which to build a relationship. You were right.

Your knowledge of us as people and your ability to match our qualities was a key to our success. You’ve done something no computer could ever achieve. Keep up the great work! Let’s keep in touch.


~Management Consultant

(A signed original is maintained in S.P.I.E.S. offices. While many clients want others to learn of their success and to recommend our services, many ask for confidentiality and to not publish their names on the internet. I suppose this could have been written by anybody. But it is a true story. If you can hear about someone else’s experience, even if you don’t know their name, we thought you might understand. Plus, when you have your success with us, you can expect the same protection of your privacy.)