At a wedding, a lady asked if I introduced the couple.  Being aware of the need for discretion in these matters, I excused myself and sought out the bride.

“Did I?” I whispered.

Yes. We’re telling everyone,” she smiled.

The groom lost his spouse at an early age and focused on his career. He spent the next decade or so building his company. It became hugely successful and reached a point where he had capable people running it. I met him at a charity fundraising gala with his family. His siblings thought it was a sign when I introduced myself and said I was a romance headhunter(SM) there looking for people to introduce to my very private, single clientele. They had been urging their brother to take time out for themselves and to start dating.

He liked both of the women he met! It had been so long since he’d dated, he shared he didn’t know how to handle it. I advised him to keep dating them and getting to know them. The right one will reveal themselves. She did!

He proposed. And she said, “Yes!”

The bride did share with pride, her groom looks just like Robert Redford.