Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful girl last August. After a four and a half hour first date, I told you then she had all of the qualities I was looking for in someone I’d marry.I still feel that way. She’s truly in love with me. I’m in love with her, too.I was excited from the moment you called me and told me about her. You were right. We’re both quiet. We both love libraries.We both want a family. And we have a lot in common. You hit it right in just a couple of introductions!

I called after reading you in The Arizona Republic. Once you’ve tried the avenues of meeting people through work, friends and church, you have to expand your horizons.

You were genuine when we met. Your approach of working through contacts and matching people seemed better than forcing matches with people in a database.

There are a lot of businesses that give the industry a bad name.I looked at a video dating service and saw notebooks on a wall and a bunch of people looking at them. To me, that was like going to a bar. I preferred someone who would treat my search individually.

You’ve had outstanding success with me and have proven to match the product you said you were selling. You didn’t waste a lot of my time.

I would like to have said, “Yes, I met someone through the traditional means and did it on my own.” But what it really comes down to is, who really cares how.

I just wanted to let you know we are progressing nicely. We’re going on our first trip out of town together next week to San Francisco to celebrate my 40th birthday. I wanted to date at least a year, so I’ll keep you posted.