Date feedback from a high school counselor regarding the computer scientist she met:

I think it’s going well. We’re pretty close. We’re building a strong relationship.I like his intelligence and his sense of humor. He makes me laugh. He’s very kind and gentle. I think he’s attractive. He’s thoughtful. Has very nice manners. He’s a gentleman. I like his family. I think he thinks before he speaks.I try to.

It was a very good match. I was really impressed by how well you really knew your clientele and you just picked him out right away. With me, you hit it on the head the first time! I think you read people real well and have told people how we met. I think you could tell the type of person I was right away. I think it helps with your matching.

I have highly recommended S.P.I.E.S. already and I will continue to do so because of my experience.