KTAR interview with Valley Matchmaker Roseann Higgins of SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective.

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“Girls are more likely to find that a man can become more attractive the more they talk with them if he is listening and attentive and nice.” – Roseann Higgins

A recent study out of UCLA actually found the not-so-handsome guys were nicer to their ladies. The study suggests that women who date them might actually find themselves in a happier relationship.

“I don’t think you can generalize that only less attractive men are going to work hard to keep their partner. I think who’s motivated, no matter what they look like…”

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There’s not even a drizzle right now. But when it does, ladies, you gotta date down.

A study out of UCLA tracked couples in their mid-20’s. Turns out the less attractive guys were nicer to their partners.

Valley matchmaker Roseann Higgins has a theory,

“If you check out how many really good looking guys that you’ve met, if you were to study them and see how they treated people in their life, chances are, you’re going to find a few narcissists in the group.”

But don’t dismiss Mr. Handsome. Just put him on hold.

“The really good looking guys, they probably haven’t had to work for much in their life. So they’re going to be better, I think, at being a good partner maybe after they’ve blown it through a few relationships. In their 30’s and 40’s, they’re going to realize that they blew it.”

In Phoenix, Sandra Haros, NewsTalk 92.3 KTAR.