Scottsdale Matchmaker Roseann Higgins company SPIES (Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective) has a 7,000 member, handpicked database available only to her clients. The entrepreneur and her company’s trademarked “romance headhunting” methods and extraordinary, unrevealed until now matchmaking statistics are revealed in this article in The Clotherie Magazine.


Scottsdale Matchmaker Roseann Higgins of SPIES is Looking for Love in All the Right Placesazine.

The story appears between interviews with Academy Award Winners Natalie Portman and Colin Firth.

SPIES (Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective) is one of the oldest matchmaking agencies in Arizona. Founded

in 1994 by Roseann Higgins, SPIES has developed a reputation for attracting top clientele and producing hundreds of first-date and relationship success stories due to the personal and high-level service, extensive search methods, and use of photos and privacy.

Roseann Higgins is aptly reputed as a “romantic headhunter” with a 7,000 member, handpicked database available only to her clients. Since opening the doors to SPIES and taking on her first ER physician client in 1994, Roseann has attended thousands of events, vigilantly headhunting for the right men and women to introduce to her clientele. In the past 17 years, Roseann has met over 45,000 people by attending exclusive events; being involved in charities; recruiting with a booth at the Phoenix Open; sponsoring the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix Taste for 16 years; speaking at Women’s Expos and Chambers of Commerce; networking at breakfasts, seminars and mixers; and “keeping an eye out” wherever she goes to meet the most eligible men and women.

Roseann collects name tags and business cards the way Steve Nash racks up assists on the basketball court.

Roseann’s judicious discrimination of her “meet and greets” has resulted in a premium lineup of pre-screened dates.

The testimonials on the SPIES website (www.especiallyselective.com) speak the virtues of Roseann Higgins’ success. “Thank you for introducing me to a wonderful girl. She’s truly in love with me. I’m in love with her too.” “Thank you for changing my life! The efforts of you and your staff have allowed me to achieve balance in my life and begin having fun again.” SPIES is extraordinary! It is the selective matchmaking service for the selective individual.


   • Is there chemistry? Close up photos in a variety of settings present the opportunity to check out the physical attraction factor. Love at first sight? It could begin with the perfect photo!

• SPIES Screens:  By your first date you know the answer to tough questions, which often take months to discover. Interviewing can take hours but you want to end up with that perfect match…right? Roseann’s methods make meeting the right one look easy!

• Confidentiality:  Roseann Higgins held a top secret clearance in the US Navy when she worked in telecommunications and Naval Intelligence. This is a private and confidential affair from offices, photos, and information.

 SPIES matchmaking success story honeymoons in Fiji

SPIES matchmaking success story...pictured on the remote island of Fiji on their honeymoon!

• Work Personally with Roseann:  From interview to relationship, you have full access to your personal matchmaker.

• Your best chance at success for love:  A recruiter allows you greater access to people. The recruiters are constantly expanding their network at social, charitable, sporting, and business events.

• The Proof is Positive:  It is currently reported that the divorce rate in America is 50%; 41% for first marriages, 60% for second marriages, and 73% for third marriages. Due to the intense screening and master “matchmaking” at SPIES, the divorce rate is less than 4% in the past 17 years! Matched couples have the greatest opportunities for great dates that lead to long-lasting love relationships.

If you are looking for love, adventure, and a life full of memories…Roseann Higgins is your angel of love! Let SPIES do the headhunting, prescreening, and matchmaking. All you have to do is go out on the best dates of your life! For more information, contact Roseann Higgins direct: (602) 241.1800

www.especiallyselective.com    Roseann@especiallyselective.com



95% of SPIES Especially Selective singles introductions go out on second and third dates.

51 have fallen in love with their first date.

SPIES averages a marriage every 12 weeks.

Roseann Higgins has introduced herself to 45,000 people since starting the matchmaking company SPIES in 1994, and has handpicked the most desirable database.

Roseann Higgins of Spies makes Love Connection

Roseann Higgins SPIES for LOVE


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