Kathryn Buschman Vasel at FOX Business News gave SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective a great opportunity to illustrate how a professional matchmaker can benefit successful singles in their search for their one, true life partner.

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Coaches to Get You In — and Out of Love by Kathryn Buschman Vasel

FOX Business interviews a private matchmaking service client of Roseann Higgins of SPIES Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective and found one-in-a-million

It is exciting to see our statistics being presented in international news! This is a great opportunity to connect with and introduce even more outstanding people:

Phoenix-based matchmaker Higgins has been setting people up for almost 20 years and claims to have a success rate of a marriage every six weeks.  She says her business has picked up over the last few years as the stigma traditionally attached to matchmakers has faded, thanks in part to reality TV.

Phoenix, AZ Matchmaker Roseann Higgins meets bachelor Drew Kenney from Desiree's season of ABC's The Bachelorette

Scottsdale, AZ Matchmaker Roseann Higgins meets bachelor nice guy Drew Kenney from Desiree’s season of ABC’s The Bachelorette at a charity event in a private home near Camelback Mountain. “Drew is proof there are good guys in the world who want a relationship, which gives hope to single women everywhere!”

Reality TV shows like The Bachelor and The Millionaire Matchmaker have made single men and women curious about the process of real matchmaking outside of Hollywood.

I recently met Drew Kenney at a charity event in Scottsdale. Millions watched Drew become a fan favorite as Desiree gave him rose after rose. Our hearts were moved getting to know Drew and his family on hometown dates, where we got to see his close relationship with his sister – who his Dad shared “is an angel among us.” Drew was so nice in person, too. He is the guy most girls would love to fall in love with. @DrewKenney has over 35,000 followers on Twitter. Venezuelan former pro soccer player Juan Pablo @JuanPaGalavis the next Bachelor (starting January 6, 2014) has 119,000 followers and counting. Thank you, reality TV, for reminding the world there are good guys out there. I’m not so sure Juan Pablo is ready for a good girl, but it will be an entertaining season and everyone wants to believe in love.

The longevity of SPIES’ success (<–we’re everywhere on the lookout for the love of your life) stems from societal changes and the valuable relationships we have with the people we meet everywhere we go and love stories from our successful matches.

As more people know of SPIES accuracy in matchmaking, it is going to help our mission of expanding our happily ever afters (we have a 96% marital success rate) well beyond Arizona to across the United States. We are introducing a beautiful, educated girl who lives in Mexico City this week and are reaching into southern California, Colorado, Missouri, Chicago, Dallas, New York and Atlanta. We also have a second date going out tonight with a girl from Hungary. He texted a few hours ago he is bringing her a flower.

What do you think? Has reality TV changed your views on finding the right partner?

Do you believe in love?

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