Romance for the Wealthy: SPIES helps people find the right date. Tempe Daily News, Mesa, Chandler Arizonan and Gilbert Tribune News

Romance for the Wealthy: SPIES helps people find the right date. Tempe Daily News, Mesa, Chandler Arizonan and Gilbert Tribune News

SPIES helps people find the right date . . .

By Paul Giblin  –  Tribune writer

Jason Boreyko wants to make one thing perfectly clear: he has no problems finding dates.

He runs a multimillion-dollar company, New Vision International of Scottsdale, which markets nutritional products. Plus, he also gets out often enough, he said.

Therefore, finding dates has never been a problem, he said. Finding girlfriends, though, well, that’s another matter.

“I’m burned out on the bar scene. I’m 31 years old and I’ve never met anyone in a bar. I wanted a new approach,” he said.

Enter Roseann Higgins, president of SPIES Romance Headhunters, a dating service geared specifically toward wealthy professionals. The year-old company charges $2,000 for eight introductions. (Fees and results have climbed since this appeared. Call for latest information.)

“The whole reason I went with Roseann is that she is very selective. And I’m very selective with whom I date, so I don’t want to waste a lot of time or go on wild goose chases,” Boreyko said.

Instead, Higgins spends her time hunting. She belongs to five chambers of commerce (at the time this was written) and numerous professional and charity groups. She spends her weekdays on the power breakfast and business lunch circuits constantly on the prowl for a few good men and women.

“There is not a place that I go that I don’t meet somebody,” she said.

Higgins has compiled a database of more than 700 (today 8,000 and counting) single and eligible professionals from throughout the Valley, she said. Each voluntarily has undergone an hour-long interview about their attitudes toward children, pets, hobbies and more in the hope of being matched someday with one of Higgins’ paying clients.

The firm’s clients undergo an extensive series of interviews, Higgins said. Those usually are conducted in restaurants or at the clients’ homes where the clients are more able to relax. She also discusses and looks at pictures of her clients’ past flames to better understand their desires, she said.

“It’s such a unique thing to do – to look for the love of your life – that you really should do it with someone you know and trust, a friend,” she said.

The former sales representative developed a knack for meeting people and matchmaking during a 10-year hitch in the Navy, she said.

She introduced three couples who later were married. She launched SPIES, which is an acronym for Single Professionals Introductions and Events Services (today Single Professional Introductions for the Especially Selective), after studying several other dating services.